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Rumex International Corporation Overview

Rumex International Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of surgical instruments for hand-held surgery with many offices and representatives all over the world Headquartered in the United States.
Rumex Major specialization lies within reusable and disposable instruments for surgical cardiovascular and thoracic surgery.

Reusable cardiovascular and thoracic instruments

Reusable cardiovascular and thoracic surgical instruments are invasive surgical instruments for multiple use.

These instruments are indicated for use in the cardiovascular and thoracic departments of hospitals, specialized cardiovascular and thoracic hospitals and centers of microsurgeries. Reusable cardiovascular and thoracic surgical instruments are produced from stainless steel or titanic alloys.

The Rumex surgical instruments are intended to be reusable manual surgical instruments, sold non-sterile. They are intended to be used by trained surgeons.

These instruments are not connected to any soured of power into the body. They are used for cutting, drilling, sawing, scraping, squeezing, retracting, or attaching, and can be reused after having undergone the appropriate procedures.


  1. Superior quality of instruments. The quality of our instruments meets the most demanding world-wide requirements such as Canadian, UK, US associations and the Notified Body.
  2. The tips of instruments are matted to prevent damage to doctor’s eyes from microscope glare, which is a reason of 20% of errors during surgery.
  3. Color Identification: There is no time to search for the right instrument during the surgery, so we developed a system of color codes for fast identification of tip type and size.
  4. Easy Cleaning: In combination with a special adapter (included in package) detachable tip can be cleaned easily with a simple syringe.
  5. Cost Saving: A universal handle saves your money – you pay only for a tip, when you need a new instrument.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support. We’ve gathered ultimate professionals together to make excellent Customer Sales and Support Team.
  7. Fast and safe delivery
  8. Affordable innovations. We develop new instruments in cooperation with renowned physicians from all continents to bring ultimate experience to every doctor.

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