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Jeil Medical Company Overview

Jeil Medical Co. does its best to make the enterprise offering safe medical products and convenient service to customer. They will reform as the enterprise leading the market of global medical device.

Arix Orthopedic Systems

The Arix System is a bone plating system which is used to stabilize bone fractures or osteotomies of the hand, foot and distal radius in orthopedic and plastic surgery.


  1. Titanium Alloy Material
  2. Minimal soft tissue irritation
  3. Anatomically pre-contoured plate design
  4. Poly- Axial locking System
  5. Color code system
  6. Variable angle locking technology


ARIX Volar Distal Radius (Wrist) Locking Plate System is intended for use in temporary internal fixation and stabilization of fractures, osteotomies, and non-unions of the distal radius.

The ARIX Ankle and foot System is intended for use in internal fixation of the distal fibula and bones of foot.

The ARIX Hand System is intended for use in internal fixation of the bones of hand and wrist. Examples of these procedures may include but are not limited to replantation, lag screw techniques, joint fusions, corrective osteotomies, and the treatment of fractures.

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