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Transonic system overview

Transonic Systems Inc. is a global manufacturer of innovative biomedical measurement equipment. Founded in 1983, Transonic sells “gold standard” transit-time ultrasound flowmeters and monitors for surgical, hemodialysis, pediatric critical care, perfusion, interventional radiology and research applications. In addition, Transonic provides pressure and pressure volume systems, laser Doppler flowmeters and telemetry systems.

Optima Flow-QC Meters & AureFlo

Optima Meters are the next generation of surgical flow meters. These universal Meters are compatible with all of Transonic’s extensive surgical flow probe and flow sensor lines. Share a single Optima Meter between departments or surgical suites without compatibility concerns. The Optima’s unprecedented resolution accompanies lower offset error, and doubles the accuracy for low flows. Transonic Optima® Flowmeters provide immediate, quantitative flow measurements to ensure vessel and graft patency with unsurpassed accuracy and resolution. The Optima Flowmeter complements a full line of Perivascular Flowprobes for vessels from 0.5 mm to 36 mm in diameter and our Tubing Flowsensors for tubing with 1/8 to 1 1/4 inch outer diameters.


  • Provides unsurpassed accuracy and resolution
  • Ensures vessel patency & flow integrity
  • Immediate, quantitative flow measurements


  • Fully compatible with the AureFlo® Syste
  • Compatible with ALL Transonic® Surgical Flowprobes
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Instant mean volume flow display
  • FlowSound® for audible indication of volume flow
  • Invert: corrects for direction of flow
  • Print: built in chart recorder documents flow waveform, minimum, maximum and mean flows, and PI**
  • Gold Standard transit-time ultrasound technology
  • Highest accuracy on the market

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