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IOB Medical Inc. Overview

The Best Choice for Body Temperature Management to Combat Hypothermia.Safe, reliable, and easy to use. Through this in-service video, get a full comprehension about IOB Force-Air Warming system.

IOB Medical Forced-Air Warming System

IOB Medical is a global developer of innovational medical products, base in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA. Founded in 2010, IOB Medical focus on safe, reliable and easy to use medical device. To save patient, medical organization and government potential medical cost, IOB Medical research and develops more and more cost-effective products.


  • Flexible, easy to use design
  • Uniform perforation across the blanket surface ensures even convective warming
  • Resealable hose ports (where applicable)
  • Soft, radiolucent, latex-free materials
  • Fully compatible with other brands of warming blankets
  • Rolling Stand available

Different types of warming blankets

IOB Medical offers all kinds of blanket styles for all your warming needs.

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